Scaling Bitcoin workshop : Milan 2016

Introduction to event


Good morning. Glad to see many of you again. My name is Anton Yemelyanov. I am one of the organizers of this event. On behalf of Scaling Bitcoin planning committee, I would like to welcome everybody here to the third scaling event. We're holding this event here in Milan. Milan has a really vibrant community. It has been a real pleasure working with everyone here to create this event. The goal of Scaling as everybody knows is to get everyone together in a single place, all engineers and academic community so that we can discuss different scaling approaches and see how they can be applied to bitcoin. I would like to thank everybody who has submitted propsoals for presentations. We have received a lot of proposals and it has been a real challenge to pack them into this event. If we would have taken all of them, then this would have had to take 4-5 days. But I think it was a lot of interesting topics and I think we've done a good job of creating an interesting and strong program. So uh, without pfurther delay, I would like to introduce Fernando who is a professor-- bitcoin professor and here at Mont technical, and former blockchan and virtual currency in .. ...

So welcome everybody. ((applause))

Anton was gracious to say that Milan has a vibrant bitcoin community. We have many developers in Milan and have been trying to have good monthly meetups. This Scaling Bitcoin is a cumulation of these last few months of involvement in this community. I am proud to be here from Polytechnical because after this semester bitcoin technology course so we look forward to having an exciting two days together. In order to have the best two days possible, please devote one minute of your time to reading the code of conduct. Since the .. conversation will be under Chatham rules, the content of the conversation can be disclosed, but please you cannot say who say that. The source of information cannot be disclosed. This does not apply to the speakers and presentations who will be publicly broadcasted. Also, please no photographs or recordings are permitted. This is to respect the privacy of everyone.

Hi. I will be the MoC for the day. Please be advised that sharing comments about my dispensation is aagainst the code of the conduct. This is the third Scaling Bitcoin. This is so crowded that tickets are now being sold on the dark web. We will talk not just about scalability but also about other overy important issues that we have to address to make bitcoin safe, secure, mainstream and make it better. One of the topics that we are going to address during this event is fungibility and privacy. Of course, it was also in previous onferencs, but there will be a special focus in this one. So we will start the event today this morning with an overview on fungibility and of course the speaker that I am going to introduce don't need any introduction actually; the overview on fungibility will be provided by Dr. Adam Back and Matt Corallo that I have invited to come down. Thank you.