Scaling Bitcoin workshop : Hong Kong 2015

Introduction to event

Introduction to event



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Hello, good morning everyone. Hi welcome to Scaling Bitcoin. My name is Bobbie Lee, my name is Victoria.

We have Pindar Wong coming up. Pindar is the chairman of the organizing committee. Let's give a big round of welcome to Pindar.

Thank you so much. Welcome to Hong Kong. It's nice to see many of you from Montreal. What I'm going to be doing is, as you know, we have a code of conduct to create a safe space for mutual discussion. No debates and no decisions, because the purpose of this conference is to inform and discuss proposals and hopefully this contribution results in an emergent consensus.

In the code of conduct, we have a no-attribution policy. This also includes photographs. Within this room, no photographs please. With that, I am going to pass this to our program chair.

Hi everyone, thank you so much for being here. For a lot of you, it took a lot of time to get here. We're all here because we care about the future of Bitcoin. Welcome to phase 2 of the scaling bitcoin workshop here in Hong Kong.

Here we are going to evaluate specific design proposals. Phase one was about understanding the problems. Phase two is about solutions. That fact went into every aspect of our program design. We are going to be talking about BIPs that are ready to roll. We also have some proposals that are more forward-looking. We are going to have excellent technical sessions and a panel to learn about miners. We will also have dynamic time for discussions to emerge about the proposals presented today. This is an opportunity and not a committee meeting, we are coming together to inform and evaluate and talk about solutions. Any solutions presented today still require time, testing and evaluation.