Scaling Bitcoin 2017 "Scaling the Edge" • November 4th-5th Stanford, USA
为技术和学术领域而办 • 无商业展位 • 无干扰




If you are interested in sponsoring the Scaling Bitcoin Workshop, please contact: contact@scalingbitcoin.org


  • 2017-10-06 23:59 UTC - Last day for sponsorship application
  • 2017-10-20 23:59 UTC - Submission of logos for print (must be submitted in AI or SVG vector file formats)


There exists a number of independent or academic researchers that could be helpful to the process but are unlikely to attend due to cost. The Sponsors of this event have agreed to review applications for travel assistance, and to jointly subsidize the expense of up to $1,500 USD per person for airfare and hotel to the workshop of an estimated 15 persons. The intent is for independence and a diversity of views to be represented in a professional manner, some of which may disagree with the views of the sponsors. Those who work at a company engaged in a related business are expected to cover their own travel expenses. Exceptions could be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the sponsors.


  • 2017-08-28 23:59 UTC - Last day for travel subsidy application
  • 2017-09-01 23:59 UTC - Deadline for applicant acceptance notification
  • 2017-11-07 23:59 UTC - Deadline for submission of travel receipts


If you are interested in applying for travel subsidy, please fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/XUudGo7ApJqqbvMf1


The current Scaling Bitcoin Workshop will take place 十一月 4日-5日 at the Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center 326 Galvez Street Stanford, CA 94305-6105, USA. We are accepting technical proposals for improving Bitcoin performance including designs, experimental results, and comparisons against other proposals. The goals are twofold: 1) to present potential solutions to scalability challenges while identifying key areas for further research and 2) to provide a venue where researchers, developers, and miners can communicate about Bitcoin development.

  2) 被接受的提案作者可以开展一小时的专题讨论。

This year we would like to place a stronger focus on the following topics:

  • Simulation, modeling and testing
    (methods and tools for simulation and testing of blockchain behavior)
  • Game theory and Mechanism Design
  • 替换性
We also welcome compilation/review of material on above topics made available to public since the last Scaling Bitcoin event.

Other topics of interest include:

  •   提升比特币的效率
  •   第二层想法(如支付渠道,等)
  •   安全和隐私
  •   激励与收费的结构
  •   网络弹性
  •   应对垃圾信息的手段
  •   区块大小建议
  •   与比特币挖矿相关的提案



  • 最后提交的时间
  • 最后接受通知与反馈的时间



提案应在2017-09-25 23:59 UTC之前递交至proposals@scalingbitcoin.org




  • 会议将会进行现场直播,以便观众们通过网络远程参与,并且可以在线进行讨论、提出问题。
  • 这些研讨会的目的是让现存的“比特币改进提案”流程更加便利。大部分工作会在研讨会之外完成,时间则是研讨会中间的几个月。研讨会作为设计和评审流程的附加,有助于提高对多样化的观点、学科、模拟和提案的认知度。
  • 交通方式,详细地点,住宿建议,可参见下方内容。
  • 请参阅下面的FAQ,您的大多数问题都能在其中找到答案。



Stanford University

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Stanford University

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6105, USA
• Stanford Lodging Guide
Please visit Stanford Lodging Guide for the list of hotels and prices.
  • From Highway 101 North & South

    Take the Embarcadero Road exit west - toward Stanford. At El Camino Real, Embarcadero turns into Galvez Street as it enters the Stanford campus. Stay in the left lane and continue toward the center of campus. The Alumni Center is on the right side of Galvez Street, just after you cross over Campus Drive
  • From Highway 280 North & South

    Exit Sand Hill Road east toward Stanford. Continue east, turning right at the traffic light on Santa Cruz Avenue. Make an immediate left onto Junipero Serra Boulevard. Turn left at the second traffic light and onto Campus Drive East. Continue around Campus Drive East and turn left when you reach Serra Street, at the gas station. Follow Serra Street until it ends at Galvez Street.
  • From El Camino Real

    Exit El Camino Real at University Avenue. Turn toward the hills (away from the center of Palo Alto). As you enter Stanford, University Avenue becomes Palm Drive. Go through one traffic light, and turn left onto Campus Drive at the first stop sign.


- 谁应该参加 -
  • 有相关领域专长的工程师
  • 从事相关领域研究的学者
  • 从事科技报道的记者
There are 10 tickets available for Full-Time Students at $25 USD.
To obtain them, please e-mail a copy of your educational institution credentials to contact@scalingbitcoin.org
请发邮件给 contact@scalingbitcoin.org


  • 费用是多少?

    Ticket Sales will begin on August 15th and will be priced at $350 USD/ticket -- subject to availability.

  • 我需要某种旅游签证文档

    (Info: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/visit/visitor.html) You are responsible for identifying your own personal visa requirements to enter USA. If you need a letter of invitation, please correspond with aberke at stanford.edu (please include your name as in your passport, title and correspondence address).

    IMPORTANT: Please note that visa applications must be submitted 8 weeks prior to travel. If you require visa for entry in United States, you must submit your application before 2017-09-01st.

  • 虽然我不能亲自到场,但我也想参加!


  • 怎么进行展示?

    你可以把提案提交到proposals@scalingbitcoin.org (参看下方的 提案/论文/展示邀请)。如果你做过研究,我们推荐你把结果(包括文献、模拟结果和源代码)提交到bitcoin-dev discussion list。根据接受的展示数量,研讨会会分配给每位展示者一定的时间。如果某些提案大体上重合,可能会被建议进行整合。论文不需要已经发表 - 如果你有好的展示计划,你可以给出一个详细的综述。

  • Why Stanford?

    This year we had an unprecedented number of submissions from many prospective hosts all around the world. Stanford is one of the most active educational institutions involved in Bitcoin education, research and development. In January 2017, Stanford held Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering conference. Stanford is also one of the few educational institutions that offers courses on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and related cryptography. In addition, Stanford is in close proximity to San Francisco, which is a home to the largest Bitcoin deveopment community.

  • 研讨会将会做出什么决定吗?


  • 会有辩论吗?


  • 我们可以在研讨会上讨论比特币项目的管理吗?

    Scaling Bitcoin Workshops are focused on raising technical awareness of scalability issues, simulations and proposals to improve scalability. Conference participants want this event to be entirely focused on the science and engineering, which is how Open Source Software development has proven to deliver excellence.

  • 未来的研讨会?关于开展研讨会的比特币改进提案(BIP)?

    We aim to host a Scaling Bitcoin Workshop once per year. If you would like to host next year's event please e-mail to contact@scalingbitcoin.org

  • 是否有素食、无麸质食品供应?

    是的。 如需要我们的协助,请发送邮件contact@scalingbitcoin.org

  • 轮椅是否可以进入相关会议?

    是的,所有道路都已经过审核,均设有轮椅通道。 如需要我们的协助,请发送邮件contact@scalingbitcoin.org



  • Anton Yemelyanov, Base58 Association NPO. (Planning Committee Chair)
  • Nelly Milanova, Base58 Association NPO.
  • Jeremy Rubin, Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Neha Narula, MIT DCI
  • Ferdinando M. Ametrano, Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology professor at Politecnico di Milano


  • Allison Berke, Executive Director at the Stanford Cyber Initiative (Host Committee Chair)
  • Byron Gibson, Engineering Consultant and Startup Advisor

Diversity Committee

  • Steven McKie, purse.io / bcoin.io
  • Ari Nazir, Neural Capital
  • Nelly Milanova, Bas58 Association NPO.
  • Gina Vargas

Scaling Bitcoin Advisory Committee

  • Leonhard Weese, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong
  • Larry Salibra, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong
  • Bryan Bishop, LedgerX, Bitcoin Core contributor
  • Dan Elitzer
  • Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core contributor
  • Luke Dashjr, Bitcoin Core contributor
  • Shawn O'Connor
  • Victoria Van Eyk
  • Eric Martindale
  • Meltem Demirors, Director of Development, Digital Currency Group
  • Kang Xie, Volunteer
  • Shin'ichiro Matsuo, BSafe Network
  • Ittay Eyal
  • Matthew Roszak, Bloq


  • Ethan Heilman, Boston University (Program Chair)
  • Dan Boneh, Stanford
  • Benedikt Bunz, Stanford
  • Jameson Lopp, BitGo
  • Johnson Lau, Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Paul Sztorc, Bloq/Drivechain
  • Michael Youssefmir, Google
  • Neha Narula, MIT DCI
  • Yonatan Sompolinsky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Foteini Baldimtsi, George Mason University
  • Bryan Bishop
  • Pieter Wuille, Blockstream / Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Tadge Dryja, MIT DCI / Lightning Network Contributor